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Voyage et vols pas chers, Nice Nondres, Lyon et Lyon/Londres

Concorde diversion into Cardiff airport. This evening's BA002 Concorde service from New York's JFK to London Heathrow, diverted into Cardiff International Airport.

The aircraft experienced a temporary engine surge in one of its four engines approximately two and a half hours into the flight. In accordance with standard procedures, the captain flew the aircraft at subsonic speed for the remainder of the journey. Flying Concorde at subsonic speed uses more fuel than when flying supersonic and as a precaution the aircraft diverted into Cardiff airport to ensure an adequate fuel reserve.

The aircraft landed safely at 1835 local time. The 99 passengers on the aircraft are being transported by coach back to London.

The safety of the passengers and crew was not compromised during the flight. would like to offer its sincere apologies to those passengers affected by this evening's diversion.

The safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one consideration. voyage et vols pas chers, nice londres, Lyon et lyon/londres

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